Denver Broncos: Good, Bad, WTF against the New England Patriots

The Denver Broncos are in trouble. They are in the midst of a 5-game losing streak. Furthermore, the end may not be near. In what is normally a close game, the New England Patriots pummeled the Broncos. What is the reason for this slide? No one is certain. What happened on Sunday Night? The Good, the Bad, and the WTF explains.

The Good

  1. Emmanuel Sanders

Though he did not find the end zone, Sanders was the best offensive player for the Denver Broncos. On a night in which the team needed someone to step up big, that player was Sanders. However, it was just not enough. The Broncos offense is struggling right now. So much so, that one player does not make all the cylinders click. Briefly, though, for one night Sanders cylinder was clicking for Denver.

The Bad

  1. Defense

The defense has been bad for the Denver Broncos. Especially in the last 3 weeks. Most of this has to do with time spent on the field. They are on the field way too much. The Patriots had the ball for 30 minutes on Sunday Night. In week 9, the Philadelphia Eagles also had the ball for 30 minutes. Finally, in week 8, the Kansas City Chiefs had the ball for 28 minutes. This not common for a Broncos team. Somehow, some way the Broncos need to get back to dominating on defense. Consequently, if they do not this season will get uglier than it already is.

  1. Running Game

This is the bread and butter of the Denver Broncos. Nonetheless, the bread is stale and the butter is melting. This was the downfall of the team in 2016 as well. Their inability to run the football is leading to a youth league offensive output. Mike McCoy and Vance Joseph need to bring this cream back to the top. Doing so may just end the skid.


  1. Isaiah McKenzie

The Denver Broncos drafted McKenzie to be their primary special teams star. He has exceptional speed. On the other hand, he also has a fumbling problem. On Sunday Night, this started the rocks rolling down the hill. Even more, when this happens, it usually put the Broncos in a deep hole. One that changes the course of the game. Special Teams Coordinator, Brock Olivo needs to think twice the next time he puts McKenzie back for a punt.

  1. Coaching

More time than not I have thought that Vance Joseph has looked dumbfounded. That is not exactly what the Denver Broncos had hoped for. Regardless, many others in the game felt that Joseph was ready to be a head coach in the league. In any case, at this point, he does not look the part. At any rate, this is just his first season and he is only nine games in. Even so, he should still have a competency coming into the job. Hopefully, for the sake of the Broncos, something clicks in the final seven games.

At 3-6, the Denver Broncos are going to struggle to make the playoffs. They have too many pressing needs and may just want to think about the future. Is Paxton Lynch the man? This could be the time to figure this and other questions out for next season.

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