Darien Lake Will Look To Cash In With New Euro-Fighter

It’s been many years but Darien Lake is finally getting themselves a new coaster. Tantrum, a Gerstlaurer Euro-Fighter, will open at the park in 2018. What does this mean for the park?

2008 was the last time Darien Lake got a brand new coaster. It will mark 10 years in 2018, that’s unheard of for a park to go without a new big attraction. Seeing as the Moto Coaster was the newest coaster at Darien Lake, it’s about time the park invest in an experience for its guests.

Darien Lake’s Moto Coaster is one of the only Motorbike coasters in North America. Widely popular around Europe, this concept gave the park an innovative ride that not many were willing to replicate. As the years have passed, guests wanted something more, and they got that with Tantrum.

Euro-Fighters aren’t as common in the USA as some would think. To my knowledge, there are four in the Country, Daredevil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia, Spongebob Rock Bottom Plunge at Nickelodeon Universe, Mystery Mine at Dollywood, and Hydrus at Casino Pier.

Darien Lake will be home to the fifth Euro-Fighter in America. Furthermore, it makes perfect sense, as the parks small footprint doesn’t allow for much in the way of new attractions. By the same token, A Euro-Fighter is small enough that it should fit in well at Darien Lake.

The new coaster will send riders up 90 degrees, and will then plummet them into a 97 degree beyond vertical drop. In fact, Tantrum will reach speeds of 52 mph. Additionally, it will feature a pretzel inversion and immelman turn. Truthfully, this sounds like a pretty good coaster. Let’s just hope it’s not as rough as some of the other Euro-Fighters on the market.

For Darien Lake, this is a big deal. The park needed something to get the crowds back. And while this isn’t the big-ticket coaster everyone had wished for, it’s going to at least get people talking. Hence, Euro-Fighters are good coasters, and Darien Lake has one they call their own.



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