Tampa Bay Buccaneers: How In The Fitz?!??

So the unthinkable was upon Ryan Fitzpatrick when an AC Sprain sidelined Jameis Winston. His first start of the season would be against his former team, The New York Jets. The odds were set against him when Mike Evans was suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct in New Orleans the prior week. Yet, Ryan Fitzpatrick and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers  emerged victorious against his former team, winning 15-10, and was able to do so by the ways listed below:

No Dancing in The Bay

The Bucs defense was the only defense that was dancing on the field this weekend. While the Jets defense was frustrated, more or less at the offense. The cameras spotted the Bucs defense, around the fourth quarter, dancing on the field during a television timeout. Mimicking the Jets from the previous week. However, they were able to shut down the Jets through the air and ground, and sacked Josh McCown SIX times.

Take Notes Folk

The Bucs were sputtering until the fourth quarter on offense. They were in field goal range three times. Instead of punting the ball or going for it, they trusted Patrick Murray and he connected three times! This is the key reason for the Bucs victory, considering if they were unable to deliver points in those opportunities, they would have lost the game. Take notes Aguayo and Folk, that’s how you win games.

Fitz To Jax

Fitzpatrick was able to connect with DeSean Jackson six times for 82 yards. This is some of the best ball action that the Bucs gave D-Jax all year. Fitz seemed very comfortable around Jax and was able to connect with the veteran wide receiver multiple times. Be sure to look out for this connection multiple times throughout the season. Especially if Winston does not come back this year.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to escape against the Jets. Nonetheless, they will have some tough competition against the Miami Dolphins next week. The Bucs will have Mike Evans back in the lineup, and will most likely be without Winston again. Be sure to look out for the Bucs Preview before the game!


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