NFL: The Feud between Jerry Jones and the league is heating up

The Dallas Cowboys are setting up to face their NFC East rival, Philadelphia Eagles. However, while the team is focused on the Eagles, owner Jerry Jones is facing his own problems. It is being reported that Roger Goodell is looking for a pay raise of $50 million, lifetime health insurance for him and his family, and the use of the plane for life. It seems that Jerry Jones isn’t on board with the idea. He has gone as far as filing a lawsuit against the NFL.

Here is where it becomes interesting. According to Pro Football Talk, there have been talks behind the scenes. Talks about having the NFL remove Jerry Jones as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. While it is a long shot to occur, the sheer fact that other owners are bringing up is a bit of an indication of the relationship between Jerry Jones and the NFL.

The process for this too even happen is long and will end up putting a strain on the NFL. According to NESN, there process for this to happen. The NFL would pursue a course of action as a result of a clause that is in the constitution and by-laws of the NFL. The line states that the commissioner can determine that an owner, “has been guilty of conduct that is detrimental to the welfare of the League or professional football,” per Pro Football Talk.

As I mentioned earlier that this is the worst case scenario. However, if the Commissioner finds Jerry Jones guilty of breaking this rule, then it would essentially force him to sell the team. Personally, I don’t find this happening for a few reasons. Jerry Jones is one of the richest owners in the NFL and he has deep pockets. The NFL also wouldn’t want to go through it because they are already getting over one strain, kneeling. I don’t feel they would like to have another one. It is also worth mentioning that the Dallas Cowboys bring in high ratings for the NFL. So, I don’t see it happening at all.

Keep it locked to WBLZ. We will continue to update our readers on the ongoing feud between Jerry Jones and the National Football League.



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