New York Jets: Time For Some Petty Talk

While the loss was not solely on New York Jets QB, Josh McCown, there was a considerable amount of blame to go onto him. The Bucs sacked McCown six times and hit him fourteen times. Some of those sacks and hits, are to blame on him. Let me explain, instead of being in the pocket when sacked, McCown was stepping up into a collapsed pocket. This was causing the sack. However, McCown was also unable to produce over 100 yards of passing until the fourth quarter. This came in garbage time, against the 22nd ranked defense.

With that being said, the New York Jets should start current backup quarterback Bryce Petty. Especially since the season is ultimately over. However, the team shot that down this week. The Jets held a press conference stating that Josh McCown will be the starting quarterback going forward. The team has meaningless games going forward. The Jets out of playoff contention, so, the Jets and Todd Bowles should look toward the future. They should decide if Petty or even Hackenberg, God please No, is the quarterback of the future. Petty did exceptionally well last year. However, his season ended early with an injury. Many believed Petty would assume the starting position this season. Until the Jets signed Josh McCown to a one-year deal.

The New York Jets have nothing to lose, and everything to learn from starting Bryce Petty. Unless, the Jets have something else in mind, as pursuing a quarterback for the future through free agency, instead of drafting or building around Petty or Hackenberg. While the names coming out would be very pricey contracts, Cousins, Manning, and Rivers, the Jets have a large amount of cap space going into next year. Yet in the meantime, the Jets should find out if Petty is the guy going forward, or the backup guy going forward since McCown and the season are over.


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