New York Jets: Same, Old, Jets

Nothing else to say about Sunday’s loss to The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, other than it’s just the same Old New York Jets. The Jets lost to the Bucs 15-10 in the ugliest game of football I have ever watched in my entire life. The Jets could not function on offense, barely getting 200 yards of offensive output. The defense is showing its frustration for being on the field multiple times, and terrible offensive line play throughout the entire game. After coming off of a beating given to the Buffalo Bills, many thought this Jets team would be able to steamroll through the Winston and Evans absent Bucs. But the Jets failed to execute in multiple areas, which are outlined below:

McClown For The Loss

The Bucs sacked Josh McCown six times, and hit him 14 times, because of a terrible offensive line play. Yet a majority of those hits/sacks came from him stepping up into a collapsing pocket. McCown should know better and get the ball away. Especially against the 22nd ranked defense, higher expectations were set. Yet McClown and the team decided to throw the season down the field. Just to have it intercepted for another playoff-missing season.

Frustrated Defensive Mindset

The defense was constantly on the field, and after making multiple stops, and big plays to help the offense score a touchdown, the offense continued to underwhelm and turn the ball over. The defense was noticeably frustrated, considering the great effort they put out all game. Even after picking Fitz off right after McCown had thrown a pick. All in all, The defense played great. However, they couldn’t win the game, considering they do not play offense.

FitzMagics Revenge on New York Jets

Everyone knew coming into this year, that Fitzpatrick would have this game circled on his calendar. With the bad breakup on both ends last year, Fitz took the backup role in Tampa. With Winston injured, his first start just so happened to be against the Jets. Fitz played a typical Fitzpatrick game. One touchdown, one interception, little dink, and dunk passes. Nonetheless, Fitz came out on top in the revenge game.

The New York Jets were able to disappoint all of their fans, knowing that this game was a very important one, one which would have kept their playoff hopes alive. The Jets now fall to (4-6) on the season and enter the bye week. On the upside, the Jets now know there is no stress on them this weekend. Going forward, all games are basically to decide where the Jets will draft at.


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