Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Going all in with Fitz

Hear me out before you get upset about the title. Jameis Winston is dealing with an AC Sprain in his shoulder. While he can play through it, the pain is always a factor. Not even including the damage that could occur if he were to play through the injury. With Winston sidelined due to injury, Ryan Fitzpatrick has assumed the starting role. Also, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are (3-6), the season is pretty much over. The starting quarterback role for the rest of this season should belong to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

While Jameis may not like the idea of sitting out for the rest of this season, he should for two reasons. The first reason is that he would be playing for nothing. While stats are all fine and dandy, his health is more important in the future, then having a 4,000-yard season. The Bucs are also eliminated from any playoff contention, with having a record under .500 with seven games left and a majority of the games are against their division rivals.

The second reason is that of his injury and his future. I know that’s two reasons, but they go hand in hand. The life of the franchise and its quarterback is at stake. Instead of forcing him to play through his injury in meaningless games, allow him to rest and regain the strength in his arm. Allow him to come back stronger next year. Winston would make sure that he would have a future if he sat out, rested, and recovers. Rather than attempting to eat “W”’s and pick fights.

While Jameis will not be happy in the short-term, sitting will increase his longevity. He will be happier when he gets a big contract for being a healthy quarterback. As for a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, a win is a win, regardless of who plays. That’s all fans want to see. So from a Bucs standpoint, I would bench Winston to heal himself, and allow Ryan Fitzpatrick to take the reins and win some games while he can.

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