New York Giants: Ben McAdoo Needs to be Fired as Head Coach ASAP

Most of the fanbase of the New York Giants are hoping to hear the news of Ben McAdoo being fired as head coach.

It’s that bad in New York and New Jersey for the Giants and under McAdoo, as the team has turned into a complete embarrassment and one that has quit on the head coach.

The team quitting on Ben McAdoo was extremely obvious in the 31-21 loss to the winless San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday. And it was also very clear during the Giants 51-17 loss last week against the Los Angeles Rams at home.

Guys on defense didn’t look interested in playing professional football. What you saw on the field was a team looking for a way to get their head coach fired. It was clear that this was the case for the last two weeks.

The player’s performance was atrocious. But Ben McAdoo’s response to the media in the post game sounds like a coach begging for ownership to relieve him of his coaching duties.

“I was out-coached. Look at the scoreboard.”

That kind of comment is something you’d hear from a guy who knows his fate. Going from an 11-5 year to a 1-8 one and in the process, helping a win-less team get their first one; you might not feel the same kind of job security that you once had.

In Ben McAdoo’s case, he took a Giants team that had a ton of potential to make a run at a Super Bowl and made them into a laughing-stock. They are Cleveland Browns bad.

The only positive from this year is that the Giants are so bad, they’re in the mix for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft; a conversation that has many to think the Giants could go with a quarterback and look for the heir for Eli Manning.

But even before we can get that far, the Giants should see what they have in Davis Webb first. However, the Giants have Webb on the inactive list every week and that chance doesn’t happen. Again, something else on McAdoo that he has done poorly.

Then again, the entire McAdoo reign in New York is poor. His hiring as the Giants head coach wasn’t because he was the best candidate for the job.

No. Instead, the Giants hired Ben McAdoo because of the fear the Giants had in that the Philadelphia Eagles would hire him. Thus, prompting John Mara to give the reigns to McAdoo. Had he hired the best candidate, maybe Mike Smith gets the job. Or Mara actually calls Bill Cowher to see if he has any interest in a coaching return.

Either would have been better than McAdoo taking the job. What he has done is take a potential Super Bowl contending team in the Giants and made them into a flat-out disaster.

Because of McAdoo, the Giants have become an utter dumpster fire. Although that might be a bit harsh and unfair to dumpster fires. The Giants are much worse than that.

It’d be one thing if the New York Giants were 1-8 and at least trying. That’s one thing, and it could be understood given a number of significant injuries to the team.

But the Giants seem like they are no longer have an interest in playing football. Also, for the last two weeks they have quit on their head coach. Giving up 51 points at home and then losing by 10 points to a winless team are cases of a team quitting on a head coach.

And that’s exactly what has happened. The Giants have quit on Ben McAdoo.

The injuries might have bought McAdoo another season with the team. But given his actions and antics; mostly alienating his team and the media with his arrogance, he doesn’t deserve a third season running the team.

The New York Giants need to do what’s right and fire him as soon as possible.

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