A Coaster Enthusiast’s Three Favorite RMC Coasters Prior To 2018

I’ve been fortunate enough to ride three different RMC’s this year. Even though they are the only coasters I’ve done from this manufacturer, I still have a great love of the coaster manufacturer. And as we get set for the 2018 debuts of Steel Vengeance, Twisted Timbers, and Twisted Cyclone, I thought I’d unveil my ranking of the 3 RMC coasters I’ve been on thus far.

1. Lightning Rod –
This has been one of the most controversial coasters of the last decade. Opened in 2016, this RMC creation spent more time in the maintenance bay than the track. Thankfully, Dollywood and RMC were able to fix the problem prior to my visit in September of 2017.

The launch up the lift hill is quite exhilarating. You really have no time to prepare for this, as it happens right when you leave the station. The coaster itself is a fun thrill ride. Unlike most RMC’s which flip and invert you, Lighting Rod sends you through turn after turn, going at speeds of greater than 65 mph. You’ll get some air time as well, especially on the bunny hills.

2. Goliath –
Six Flags Great America is one of the premier spots for coaster lovers. Goliath is one of its signature attractions. The RMC coaster holds the steepest drop for any wooden coaster (soon to be outdone by Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point). It’s also one of the fastest, with speeds that exceed 60 mph.

Here’s the one knock of Goliath, it’s an incredibly short ride. You’re only on the coaster for about 1:30 seconds, this includes the lift hill. Although, during that time, you’re sent through numerous inversions. This includes the companies staple, Zero G Stall. You literally feel like you’re stuck upside down. It’s quite the feeling, and for that Goliath, despite its short length, is such a great coaster.

3. Storm Chaser –
The signature ride at Kentucky Kingdom, Storm Chaser is one of the more unique RMC’s on the market. The barrel roll first drop is quite thrilling. None of the current RMC models use this element ( Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion will use this when it opens in 2018.) Storm Chaser features some extreme air time on the camelback hills near the end of the ride.
This also includes the numerous inversions.

Something tells me that Steel Vengeance will blow these other RMC’s out of the water. The Cedar Point creation looks to be one of the best coasters ever built, and that’s just from a computer generated POV. Also, with the debut of Twisted Timbers and Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia, RMC fans have a lot to be excited for. I need to get myself to these parks to ride more RMC coasters.

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