Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Attempting To Believe In Fitz-Magic

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6) are hosting the New York Jets (4-5) and are looking to get on the right side of winning quickly. With the meltdown that happened in New Orleans last week, along with Winston being sidelined due to injury, along with Mike Evans suspension for one game with his unsportsmanlike conduct. With Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm and DeSean Jackson becoming the primary receiver, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in desperate need of a win. They can do so by following the keys to success outlined below:

Let The Fitz-Magic Happen

Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting against his former team this year, and we know he has had this game circled on his calendar all year-long. The best part about Fitz is he is a gunslinger and not afraid to take the chances. Fitz and Jackson should be able to connect multiple times down the field with the lack of corners in the Jets secondary.

Run The Rock

Doug Martin is looking to have a major game against The New York Jets. He will need to in order to relieve pressure off Fitzpatrick. If Martin can put up over 125 yards of rushing then Fitzpatrick can play off of the play action. This could eventually open up the game.

No Dancing In The Bay

The Jets were all over the news with their dancing craze from last weeks game. They need to cancel that hype from the start. The defense needs to come out and put a ton of pressure on Josh McCown and stuff, Bilal Powell, early. With the dominant defensive play, the Bucs will be the ones dancing on the sidelines and on the field.

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are against all odds, if they follow the keys, they could win this game. The Bucs need to put their faith in Fitzpatrick for the next few weeks. If he does well against his former team, he may get the start for the rest of the year. Especially if he leaves with a win.

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