Washington Redskins: Three keys against the Minnesota Vikings

In week 9, the Washington Redskins had a come from behind statement game against the Seattle Seahawks. Week 10 leads them into another one of those types of games against the Minnesota Vikings. How ready are the Redskins for another dogfight? With all the injuries, can they afford to be in one? You can see that on Sunday. How can they come out on top? Here are the keys to victory this week.

  1. Running Game

The Washington Redskins are going to need to run the ball in order to keep this game close. This could come as a difficult task as the Vikings are the 3rd best run defense in the league. However, Jay Gruden needs to be dedicated to running the football. Doing so will help keep his franchise QB upright.

  1. Field Position

This is where Tres Way come into play. He needs to have a better game then he did in Seattle last week. There will be a time in this game in which the Redskins are going to need to pin the Vikings deep in their own territory. For instance, the farther this offense has to go, the more apt they are at making a mistake. Especially with Case Keenum at QB. The way the Redskins defense has played of late, field position is a must.

  1. Offensive Line

The Washington Redskins are hoping to get back a couple of their starters back on Sunday. Maybe, just maybe they get all five. That is more on the doubtful side. No matter what their line looks like, Jay Gruden and Bill Callahan will need to get these guys playing.

Gruden will need to call plays that are line friendly. Quick passes, screens, and running plays should help set a tone for these guys.

As far as Callahan, he is one of the best O-line coaches in the league. The injuries are something that happens. Normally, not at this level. Nonetheless, he will have his guys upfront as prepared as he can get them.

The Washington Redskins are playing to stay alive in the NFC Playoff race. In fact, a win on Sunday will go a long, long way in making them a solid contender. A loss, although not a death sentence, always hurts. Watch on Sunday to see how well the Redskins perform.

Kickoff against the Minnesota Vikings is at 1 pm EST Sunday, November 12 at FedEx Field in Landover, MD.

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