Shane Strickland Is The Indie Wrestler You Need To Know About

Of all the non-WWE talent on the indie scene, Shane Strickland is by far the most charismatic individual out there. He’s one of the best indie workers in the world, and is more than deserving of all the acclaim he gets.

While maybe not on the level of Ricochet, Strickland is popular with the live show crowds. It all starts with the entrance, and Strickland does that well. Coming out to Chaka Khan, he knows how to get the crowd going. His slick dance moves to the ring, and style aren’t like many others.

Many know Strickland from his time in Lucha Underground as Killshot. One of the promotions best, he’s the current Trios Champion. Just recently, Killshot had one of the most brutal matches in LU history against Dante Fox. It was a performance that really stood out, and signified how great, and diverse, a wrestler like Strickland is.

Aside from LU, Strickland has appeared in Combat Zone Wrestling, Defy, and WrestleCircus, where he was the Ringmaster Champ for some time. The Tacoma, Washington native has made his way around the USA. He’s fought names such as NXT signee Lio Rush, Sami Callahan, among others.

The in-ring style of Strickland is based on high-flying and a good amount of spots. That let that get in the way though, he’s still one of the best workers on the indie scene. In my honest opinion, his match against Lio Rush at Defy was his best overall match, even beating out his work in LU.

Wrestlers like Strickland are made for the indie scene. Sure, he could find himself in NJPW, Impact, or WWE, but he’s made such a name for himself on the indie scene that going to a big promotion might not best fit him and his style of wrestling. Of course, if you consider Lucha Underground a major promotion than he’s already been able to cross over into that market. Still, the lure of the big promotions is too much to pass up, and he could be on the radar for many top companies.

If you’re looking through YouTube and want some quality wrestling, look up Shane Strickland, or even Killshot. He’s an extremely underrated wrestler that could make it big in the next few years.[DanielTwitter]

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