Riverdale: Who is the Black Hood?

With the latest episode of Riverdale, we got a little more into who is Black Hood. Although we didn’t get the answer to who it is. We may be in for a long path to finding out who it is. So what do you do when you won’t know who it is? Of course, you speculate on who is the black hood. Is it going to be a character we haven’t met yet, or is it going to be someone we know? I have a few working theories on who it could be and would like to share them with you.


First and my best theory so far, as we know twins are coming from Polly and Jason. Well, that means twins run in this family and what if Hal had a twin brother and he was Black Hood. And in turn, it turns out that he is the biological father of Betty. This would follow the theory that we haven’t met Black Hood yet. It would also make sense for him to be Black Hood because as he would know things that others wouldn’t. For instance, the Nancy Drew books that Betty likes and how it has been the library for 6 years. How about the fact that no one would be able to have access to the article about Alice. Except for someone who knew her in her Serpent days.  It makes the most sense of the theories I have come up with so far.

Second, and not too bad of a theory is that it is Betty and Polly’s brother Chic.  Now if you have never read the comics or have followed Archie previously you are saying who is Chic. So who is Chic you ask, Chic is the older brother of Betty and Polly who has not been introduced in the series. We do not know how old he is but we know he is older than Polly. This could be an interesting one because we don’t know anything about him. Other than he moved out of the Cooper household when he was old enough. He would also want to protect Polly and Betty, therefore, fits the bill to be Black Hood.

My third theory is it is a combination of people working together to include Archie.  This is a crazy theory because Archie was there when his dad got shot but the Intention of Black Hood was never to shoot Archie. In addition, this would allow Archie to “clean up” without being a possible suspect.  The question is who is he working with if this theory is correct. Could it Possibly be Betty and another man this is a bit more far-fetched but could happen?

My final theory is that it is actually Tall Boy from the Serpents. He has the hair and the eyes to be the Black Hood as well as the voice. I listened to him a couple of times and his voice is similar to Black Hood. Now the reason you ask why would he be doing this? Well maybe just maybe this is Hal’s brother, we just don’t know it yet. Even if he is not Hal’s brother he could be doing this to smooth relations with Southside and Northside. This one is more of a he looks like and sounds like Black Hood more than he has the motive to be Black Hood.

Whatever ends up happening the one thing we know for sure is Season 2 will be one hell of a ride and I hope we all hold on because it will definitely get bumpier. Many things still to be found out and discovered but I believe by the end of Season 2 we will know who Black Hood is. [EspoTwitter]

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