NBA: LeBron James better worry about his team, not the Knicks

We are still very early in the NBA season. In an odd turn of events, the New York Knicks are playing better than the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the Cavaliers did defeat the Knicks by the score of 104-101, the news with this game started way before tip-off. The “General Manager” of the Cavaliers, LeBron James, had some interesting remarks to make about the Knicks.

It seemed that someone asked LeBron James about the Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina. He made some remarks that said that the Knicks should have taken Dennis Smith Jr instead of the 19-year-old French player. When the comments got back to the Knicks everyone stood up for the rookie. Enes Kanter even chimed in by saying that LeBron James shouldn’t disrespect the Knicks organization or Frank. Lebron would end up responding by saying that the Knicks have their panties in a bunch and that the comment was towards former Knicks president, Phil Jackson.

I wouldn’t have such a problem with what Lebron James said if the Cavaliers were in first place and were playing well. I know the stuff that they don’t turn it on until we get closer to the playoffs. As of this writing, the Cavaliers are .500 with a record of 7-7. The Knicks, on the other hand, are 7-6. They have a one-game lead over the Cavaliers for the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Also with the early success, we are seeing in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Boston; it will be tough for the Cavaliers to run through the east like they have in years past. James may have said the right thing about the Knicks making the wrong move in drafting Ntilikina over Dennis Smith Jr. However, it is way too early to make that call now.

My message to LeBron James is to stop worrying about what other teams in the NBA are doing. Worry about your team.



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