Did Marvel make the right decision with Thor: Ragnarok

After seeing Thor: Ragnarok this past week, I can’t help but feel let down. While the movie itself was fun, energetic, and entertaining I left the theater feeling a little disappointed. Not in the movie itself, but in the direction they took the character.

Thor felt more like Guardians of the Galaxy than a sequel to the two earlier films. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy and am no stranger to comedy, but it wasn’t what I had hoped for of the God of Thunder. He’s supposed to be a hammer wielding, butt-kicking, warrior capable of taking on the Hulk and the film was dominated by one liners. Even the cameo by Doctor Strange felt unnecessary. While they fit in the film, they had little value to the overall story.


Again, while I loved the film at face value, I can’t help but wonder if Disney and Marvel are headed down a slippery slope. The biggest knock of their competitors is the DCEU is too dark and lacks the family friendly brand that makes Marvel a success. However, it seems as Marvel instead of building on the strength of the character chose to exploit this fact. The previous two films have had mixed results and it’s almost as if Marvel lost direction of what they wanted to advance the character. Did they instead choose to go down the buddy comedy film instead of sticking to the character roots?

I am convinced the film will go on to make millions of dollars at the box office. It really is worth seeing. However, has Marvel hit that wall on the MCU where the stories no longer strengthen the overall universe? Did they go to the extreme to make Thor: Ragnarok the most stark contract of what the DCEU is? The movie almost threw it in the audiences faces. “See, we’re the fun, upbeat, humorous ones” and it took a bit away from the characters for me.

Critics can keep knocking the DCEU and trying to build a divide between each fan base. In reality, both need the other to succeed. If each can’t build strong stories that fans want to see repeatedly, it won’t be long before superhero fatigue sets in. There doesn’t need to be a choose your side atmosphere. Most comic book characters have their DC/Marvel counterparts. They’ve borrowed ideas and similarities from each other for years. When it comes to the movies however there’s a line in the sand. Fans are forced to love one and hate the other, but can’t we just love both? Can we enjoy the upbeat humorous side as well as the humanizing these heroes? Personally, I enjoy both sides of the coin. I don’t want to see the same recycled storytelling every time I venture out to the theater.[RickTwitter]

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