Carowinds Has One Of The Best B&M Inverts In Afterburn

I’ve done a lot of B&M inverts, and Afterburn at Carowinds is one I’ll not soon forget. It took me awhile to process my thoughts on this coaster, and while I don’t think it’s better than Banshee or Raptor, it’s still a must ride for any coaster enthusiast.

Just for starters, Afterburn is quite well themed. Unlike other inverts such as Banshee or Great Bear, this coaster wasn’t bad to look at. From the plane that sits at the main entrance way, to the hangar themed loading station, it’s definitely one of the better attempts at theme for Cedar Fair (Although, when Afterburn was built, it was owned by Paramount.)

The coaster itself is certainly something to brag about. You’ll go through trenches and tunnels. There are some amazing elements to Afterburn, especially the batwing, which is the most intense portion of this coaster. The element, which is the inverse of a cobra roll, is also found on Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Afterburn was built in 1999, and for its age, the coaster holds up quite well. Yes, it’s somewhat rough, but aside from the newer B&M inverts, the coasters are going to be a tad more bumpy. If you’re looking for a grey-out feeling, make sure to sit in the back row. I rode this coaster three consecutive times, and felt a tad disoriented after.

The overall feel of this coaster is similar to Flight Deck at Canada’s Wonderland(Another Cedar Fair Park that was owned by Paramount.) While they are different manufacturers, FD features a similar theme. Afterburn is a lot more smooth and intense than Flight Deck. The coasters go well together, and could be easy to confuse.

I did enjoy Afterburn, I really did. I’ll say that it’s not my favorite invert by a long shot. However, that’s just a credit to how good Banshee and Raptor are. Afterburn does rank third on my invert list, followed by Batman at Six Flags Great America and Great Bear. The batwing is the shining star of this coaster. And just for that reason alone it’s worth the trip to Carowinds.

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