Can Justice League build off of Wonder Woman’s success

With Justice League just under a week away the buzz is beginning to grow. DC and Warner Bros. have been doing their fair share of damage control after lackluster performances up until this point. From underperforming movies, to reworking if not scrapping projects, to directors stepping away for personal reasons, the studio has had their hands full when it comes to fan expectations.

With every success story Marvel has, DC’s expectations grow. Films like Man of Steel and Batman V Superman under performed. However, their latest project Wonder Woman was a hit. So which one is it? Will Justice League disappoint the way the first few films did or will it continue to build off the success of Wonder Woman?

Early reports have Justice League graded out closer to Wonder Woman’s than Batman v Superman, but can it have the same success? A lot of people will point out that Zac Snyder was still at the helm for most of the movies productions and has been heavily criticized after MoS and BvS. However, Justice League might be his redeeming moments. Hopefully the team up movie brings the lighthearted side of the franchise out of the box.


One giant criticism of the DCEU is them putting their team up film before their origin stories. Fortunately for us, that’s where most critics are wrong. Think of how Marvel set up The Avengers story and you’ll realize DC is after the same blueprint. Marvel built their franchise players Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor then did a team up movie with Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. They didn’t do origin stories for each character before the film. They built their legacy characters and then did a team up. Justice League is attempting the same thing. They started with their big three Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Why are people complaining they don’t have origin stories for Flash, Cyborg or Aquaman first?

Critics are way too harsh on the DC owned properties. Sure, they don’t have the lighthearted nature of the Marvel films. They might not be the masterpiece that The Dark Knight trilogy is. But there’s a certain cloud hanging over the DCEU that is unwarranted. Maybe the films aren’t living up to expectations and that’s the problem. However, thinking back on what made some of our most famous superhero films great as kids was the lack of expectations. Viewers didn’t notice the flaw in the film. As kids we were just happy to see Batman beat up the Joker. Now audiences droll on and on about the little things that it takes away from the excitement. Studios spend too much time trying to recreate past success and forget to write for the fans.

Justice League is said to have worked out a great dynamic among the characters. Can seeing their favorite characters finally on the big screen make up for the disappointments of the past? Will the team up finally bring the anticipation closer to execution? Justice League has all the star power and legacy characters to be a huge success. Hopefully, it will be the much-needed turning point of the franchise that was built on the success of Wonder Woman.[RickTwitter]

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