UCF Knights Vs UConn Preview

Well if you are a fan of UCF or UConn fan you know that they had this silly little rivalry called the Civil ConFLiCT. Former UConn Head Coach, Bob Diaco introduced the rivalry name. He did so because the idea behind the trophy and rivalry game was good. However, these two teams have no history so the execution was poor.  Even Coach Scott Frost got in on the laughs saying “I don’t want to get into that too much because of what happened last year but yeah whereabouts unknown”.  What he is referring to is after UCF beat Uconn last season the trophy was left on the field.  It’s safe to say no one has seen the trophy since and it’s officially a dead rivalry.


Now on to this seasons game, UCF comes into this game 8-0 for the first time in school history and ranks 18 nationally.  UConn is hobbling in and needs to win out to become bowl eligible.  The sportsbooks have UCF favorited by 40 points and they should win the game going away. UCF is averaging the number 1 scoring offense in the nation along with a 28 Points per game margin of victory as well. This years game will also serve as UCF’s salute to troops.  The helmets are once again bound to make the #uniswag top 10.  Here they are and it looks amazing. To go along with the Pewter helmets UCF will wear Pewter Jerseys and Pewter Pants.

The biggest test will be to see how UCF reacts after their first close game of the year. In addition, the team should still be playing with a chip on their shoulder. The latest CFP rankings show the Knights no respect. Instead of the committee looking at the overall body of work they are looking at conferences.  They now have 8, 2 loss teams sitting in front of them while they sit undefeated. It is a huge slap in the face. But all they can do now is play the games that are in front of them and there is a big one looming on 11/24 when USF comes to town.  But for now, the focus is on UConn and then Temple and then USF.  One game at a time and UCF will be playing in a New Years 6 game.

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