New York Giants: If they lose on Sunday. Ben McAdoo should face the Willie Randolph treatment

While the 2017 season is been bad for the New York Giants, the upcoming game at San Francisco is a must win. I am not talking about it for the team, I am talking about it more for Ben McAdoo. While reports have come out saying that the Giants will address his job after the season, I think they should look it sooner. The writing is on the wall about McAdoo’s future, it can all change on Sunday.

They are heading out west to a team that is winless. We have seen over the years that a team that’s winless is tough. The Giants have not played well this season and are coming off a blow out loss to the Los Angeles Rams. There is nothing with this team that shows me that they are still fighting for this season. It seems that we are constantly hearing about more and more players throwing McAdoo under the bus. It seems that this whole locker room is dysfunctional. While I hope the Giants do win on Sunday, It would not come as a shock if they were to lose.

Now if they do happen to lose, then it will get interesting. Depending on how much they lose, will be if McAdoo is back with the team Monday morning.  If they get blown out, then the Giants should fire him right after the game. He should get the same treatment that Willie Randolph got from the New York Mets after they went on West Coast swing and got embarrassed.  However, if they lose by a few points and are competive than I would think about it.  While most of the season has been crappy, if they were to lose to the 49ers than I would say the Giants have hit rock bottom. Whenever you hear of a must win, typically its for the season. This is the first time that I can recall that this must win is for the coach.

The New York Giants are set to play the winless San Francisco 49ers on Sunday

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