Denver Broncos: Three keys against the New England Patriots

The Denver Broncos are in the middle of a four-game losing streak. This is a first in the John Elway era. Many things have gone wrong during this time. I mean, they have suffered injuries on the offensive line, the QB was playing poorly, and the defense has seen the field too much. So, what do they need to do this Sunday Night to upset the New England Patriots? Below are the keys to victory.

  1. Defense

Despite last week’s shellacking in Philadelphia, the defense of the Denver Broncos still ranks second overall, fourth against the pass, and fifth against the run. If the Broncos expect to have a chance against the Patriots on Sunday night, they will need this defense to be at its best. Additionally, they will have to get off the field on third downs. That has been a difficult task this year for defenses facing the Patriots.

  1. Brock Osweiler

Denver Broncos should think back two years ago. It was a snowy Sunday Night in Denver. Brock Osweiler was making just his second start as a member of the Broncos. The New England Patriots came to town. It was a battle all night that ended up going into overtime. The Broncos would wind up winning. Nonetheless, maybe Osweiler can recall that night and play similarly.

  1. The Run Game

The run game of the Denver Broncos is currently 14th in the league. In fact, they are only averaging 112 yards per game. On the other hand, the run defense of the Patriots is 25th. They give up an average of 122 YPG. OC Mike McCoy needs to be committed to run the ball. This is a night when getting 3-5 yards per carry is a good thing. It keeps you offense moving the ball. Hence allowing your defense to rest. In addition to your defense resting, the Patriots defense stays on the field at altitude.

Finally, running the ball will also aid the play of your QB. A well-balanced run game will allow for Osweiler and his wide receivers to be on target in the passing game.

This is definitely a game that Denver Broncos can win. The Patriots are not as powerful as in previous years. However, it will take the Broncos putting the last four weeks behind them and playing solid football once again.

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