AAC Week 10 Recap: Who is going bowling?

Another week down and another week closer to determining who is going to be in the AAC Championship Game. Will it be UCF or USF in the East? Will it be Memphis, Houston, or SMU in the West? Memphis looks to be about as close to a lock as possible. The East will be decided for certain on 11/24 when USF and UCF square off. Memphis will look to clinch the West with a win against SMU or a loss by Houston.  Navy is eliminated by virtue of the tiebreaker. So here’s how the Conference stands as far as good, bad, ugly.  We are going to do it a little different this time as we are closer to bowl season. So it will be Eligible, Needs Help, and Eliminated.


Bowl Eligible

The leader of this group is the studs of the AAC right now UCF they are 8-0 and in control of their Destiny. Also in this group is in-state rival USF who sits 8-1 and poised to steal UCF’s thunder. Memphis is in this group and is also 8-1 with their lone loss being to UCF in Orlando 40-13.  Houston is at 6-3 and is bowl eligible this season. SMU is as well as they sit at 6-3.  Navy is practically in as they are 5-3 and just need 1 win out of the remaining 4 so I will put them in here.

Needs Help

Temple is leading the charge in this group as they sit 4-5 and have 3 games left they need to win 2 of them. They face UCF, Cincinnati, and Tulsa.  Tulane is sitting at 3-6 and will need to win 3 straight in order to become bowl eligible.  UConn will need to win 3 straight as well to become bowl eligible including a road win in Orlando. Cincinnati is 3-6 and has the easiest path to become bowl eligible although at time of writing they were down 3-0 to temple.

Eliminated from Bowl Contention

Eliminated from bowl contention are East Carolina and Tulsa. The conference will add more teams to this category next week if certain teams don’t win.

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