Star Wars: Are they hiding the real hero/villain of The Last Jedi

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi set to premier next month there’s still so many questions to answer. Who are Rey’s parents? What has Luke been planning? Why does he think it’s “time for the Jedi to come to an end?” What’s the story with Porgs? All those questions will be answered soon enough, but are we asking the right ones?

After watching the latest trailers for the next iteration into the Star Wars franchise, are we missing who the real hero and who the real villain could be? Think back to The Force Awakens and most are convinced Rey will be the next Jedi in line, while Kylo Ren has clearly turned to the dark side. But what if it doesn’t stay that way?

Clearly in the trailer (shown below) they want viewers to believe that Kylo Ren is speaking to Rey trying to reach out to her to join him.

Trailers have a tendency to mislead in order to leave the most room for surprise. Could Star Wars be pulling the ol’ switch-a-roo?


Think back to The Force Awakens and imagine how they portray most heroes and villains. The villain is always the strong willed, defiant, and in complete control of their thoughts, emotions and direction. The hero often unsure, full of passion, but equally full of doubt. They’re character is often naïve, full of power but undisciplined. Between the two sides there’s always a breaking point that leads them down the path they’re about to take.

Examine the events leading up to The Last Jedi. Rey is well versed in the force with zero training and seems well in control of her abilities. Kylo is unsure of his place with the First Order. What if the struggle for power between he and General Hux is the breaking point? We’re lead to believe that Kylo is the one attacking the fleet. What if Supreme Leader Snoke orders the attack on the ship Leia is on and Hux is the one to carry out the attack? Sure killing Han Solo might have been easy for the cause, but killing his own mother would be a tall order. What if he’s not even firing at her but trying and failing to prevent the attack? Is that the reason he’s show smashing his helmet, and is reflecting “let go of the past, kill it if you have to”? Maybe he’s not speaking to Rey at all but choosing to not be betrayed by the leaders he once blindly followed.

Then there’s Rey, who we think will be the next disciple of Luke Skywalker but pump the breaks. When we first meet Rey she’s full strength, ready to be a hero at a moments notice. However, we know she has a troubled past foreshadowed by her abandonment by her parents. What if they’re not who she thought they were? What if she doesn’t like the truth of her past and why she was left? Could it lead her down the path of the dark side while trying to find her place in the world? Maybe her lineage isn’t the “I am your father” isn’t the plot twist the franchise is going for? Could the Last Jedi push a strong female lead into the epic villain that Darth Vader once was? Star Wars is known for it’s shocking moments and this could definitely be one.

As much as you may or not agree, it’s most certainly an option. Kylo Ren could very well be the hero we hoped he’d be reuniting with Han Solo. Rey could very well fall from grace and turn on the people she once aligned with. With that much emotion, power, and influence over the people who chose to follow, could that be why Luke proclaims “it’s time for the Jedi to end”? Star Wars hits theaters December 15th, just 6 short weeks away. Could they really pull off such an amazing/awful twist?

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