New York Mets: Budget restrictions could hurt the offseason

The New York Mets are coming off a disappointing season. Prior to last season, the New York Mets were able to push the payroll to $155 million. As we saw, it did not work out well for them. Unfortunately, it seems that payroll will hinder this year’s offseason for the Mets. While this year’s class is not as deep as the 2018 one, there are still some people out there who could help the Mets be successful next season.

Since the Wilpons have been owners of this team, it seems that there is always a money issue. It seems that this season won’t be any different. With Free Agency officially set to get rolling on Monday, Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson will need to stretch the money a lot. According to sources close to the Mets, they are projected to have around $30 million to sign free agents. It seems that the Mets will have a lot of holes to fill and with $30 million available, it won’t be easy. They will have holes to fill in the lineup, bullpen, and possibly the starting rotation.

I will come out and say that Sandy Alderson will be on the hot seat heading into the 2018 season. Since he has been the General manager of the New York Mets, there hasn’t been success except for 2015. They defied the odds and would go on to win the National League East and make it all the way to the World Series. However, they would end up losing to the Kansas City Royals. When the Mets let Terry Collins go after the 2017 season, I was surprised that Alderson wasn’t let go as well. If the Mets were cleaning house, then you get rid of everyone and not pick and choose who is staying and going.

This upcoming offseason is vital for Sandy Alderson as it could determine his future.

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