Ring of Honor: Stephen Amell is set to appear at the San Antonio show

As long as wrestling has been around, there has been the crossover from the entertainment world to the wrestling world. One of the more recent ones to make the crossover is Stephen Amell of the CW show Arrow.

The last time we saw Stephen Amell in a squared circle was in 2015 when he and Cody Rhodes were in a little feud over Amell’s catchphrase of “You have failed this city.” This would escalate on Twitter and it would eventually come to the forefront. We would end up seeing a tag match at the 2015 Summerslam that saw Nevile team with Amell and they would go up against Stardust (Cody Rhodes) and King Barrett. I remember the match was not bad, which is a bit of surprise. As we have seen over the years, when a celebrity gets involved in a match, they tend to not do well. But when you have someone like Stephen Amell who does stunts on his show Arrow, then there isn’t any true difference between the two.

However this time he wouldn’t be coming back to a WWE ring. As he mentioned on Twitter, Stephen Amell is set to invade the Ring of Honor show on November 17th. This is the one that is happening right before NXT Takeover. My guess is that it will be something to do with Cody Rhodes as the two of them have some sort of background. Ring of Honor is set to invade the San Antonio area the night before the WWE takes over Houston. We will see guys like Dalton Castle, Kenny Omega, and many of your favorite Ring of Honor stars. I am curious to see if this trend continues and who will be the next celebrity to be in a wrestling ring.

WBLZ will have all your coverage of Ring of Honor and WWE invading Texas in two weeks.

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