Could Disney and Fox really swap their bigger properties

By now you should have read the talks that Disney was in talks to buy 20th Century Fox. With the Fox looking to shift their focus away from movies and shows, they’re looking to push their news and sports divisions. Oddly enough those are areas that Disney has already cornered the market.

With direct control over ESPN Disney already holds the sports market down better than most other networks but ESPN is struggling. Not that the entertainment giant is looking to relinquish the sports title any time soon you have to wonder. According to Forbes, ESPN is worth about $40 Million, but the media giant has cut on air talent and staff for months now. $40 million sounds like a lot to give up, but keep in mind, Forbes had them worth $50 million just 3 short years ago. With Fox amping up their presence in the sports world, would it be wise for Disney to make the programming dump?


Doing so would mean a huge loss for the House of Mouse, but they’d get a much-needed boost in a market that’s growing by the day instead of shrinking. Superhero’s have helped catapult the magical world of Disney back to the forefront of family entertainment. Disney resorts aren’t just for princesses anymore. Walk around the parks and you’ll see the characters from both Marvel universes as well as a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars.

No strangers to evolving, Disney has gone from music-inspired animated films, live-action, CGI and back again full circle for a whole new audience. They’ve been knocked lately as re-hashing all their old films, so what is there left to do once that well runs dry? Simple, bring characters back into the fold that have struggled under other umbrellas and make them fan favorites again.

Fox has had success with X-men franchises over the years, but nowhere near the level of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, ask most fans and the Fantastic Four films have been one of the biggest let downs in recent history. The one character Fox hands down success with is the one they never bought into at first, Deadpool. If not for a leaked video and an outcry from fans, the movie would’ve never happened.

Superheroes have helped Disney push the MCU over $5 billion dollars at the North American box office with no signs of slowing down. Add fresh faces to the crowd and bring stories from the pages of the comics to the big screen crossovers and watch the money stack. Not to mention the amount of toy sales they’d be raking in. 

It’s highly unlikely that Disney would drop their long-standing network, but their market has always been family friendly entertainment and toys. With more streaming services and political voices changing the dynamic in the sports world, could Disney be cutting it’s losses before they get out of hand?

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