Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, and WTF against the Seattle Seahawks

After a week 8 loss at home against the Dallas Cowboys, no one gave the Washington Redskins a chance to win against the Seattle Seahawks. With this current bunch of Redskins that is the wrong thing to do. Putting them behind the 8-Ball is when they seem to play their best. Needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Redskins went into Seattle and played their best football of 2017. So they flew back to the Nation’s Capital with a 17-14 victory. How did they do it? The Good, the Bad, and the WTF will tell you how.

The Good

  1. Zach Brown

Brown has been the stellar LB on the Redskins defense in 2017. On the whole, his game is nothing short of amazing. His speed and recognition kept Seahawks QB Russell Wilson second-guessing all day. Wilson would often have running lanes that would quickly close with the speed of Brown. If not for his presence on the field, Wilson would have run away with the game for Seattle.

  1. Defense

The defense of the Washington Redskins knew that it was up to them to win this game. With the offense down four starting offensive lineman, the Redskins defense knew it might struggle. Defensive Coordinator, Greg Manusky and Head Coach, Jay Gruden challenged their defense to step up. They did just that. Wilson threw 3 INTs and was on the run all afternoon. The run stoppers showed up and made life miserable for the Seahawks ground game. The team effort was complete and it showed on the scoreboard.

  1. Kirk Cousins

No Jordan Reed! No Jamison Crowder! Not to mention, he was missing four of his starting offensive lineman. The defense sacked Cousins six times. The Seahawks had him under duress all afternoon. Yet, he stood there in the face of adversity and made plays when they needed them the most. However, down 4 with just under 1:34 to play Cousins throws two of his best balls of the season to put the Redskins on the doorstep of victory. Rob Kelley would do the rest. Now maybe all the haters will shut their damn mouths.

The Bad

  1. Chris Thompson

Now Thompson was not all that bad but he was not his spectacular self. In fact, he only had 31 total yards on the day. The Seahawks defense had obviously game planned to take him out of the ball. However, others stepped up in his absence. Showing that even when the star is gone the team can still shine.

  1. Tres Way

Way is one of the better punters in the league. The Washington Redskins count on his game each and every week. Sunday was not one of his Way’s better games. He only averaged 34 yards per punt. Moreover, his last punt set up the Seahawks with a short field. Let us just hope that it was a factor of the elements and not a slippage or a slump. Nonetheless, the Redskins need him to flip the field and continue his consistency.


  1. Special Teams

There have been a couple of times this season that the Washington Redskins have had trouble with the special teams. Sunday was another of those instances. To begin with, there was a partially blocked punt on the first punt of the game. The kicker, Nick Rose almost missed a PAT because of a bad snap and holder issues. Furthermore, these are things that have haunted the Redskins in the past and if they do not fix them may haunt them in the future.

The Washington Redskins needed this win to keep themselves in the thick of the NFC Playoff picture. Besides, the way this team played on Sunday could go a long way in the future weeks of the season. Eventually, a win like this could just be the one that catapults them to special things.

Next up for the Washington Redskins is a home game against the Minnesota Vikings. Kickoff is 1 pm EST on Sunday, November, 12.

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