Love: Will Mickey Need To Come Clean And Tell Gus About Dustin?

Will Mickey tell Gus the truth about her time with Dustin? As we head into Season 3 of Love, this is the question on everyone’s mind. And while she seems to want to make a relationship with Gus her main priority, will the secret she’s hiding play a role in her happiness with him.

Gus and Mickey no doubt had their issues in Love, Season 2. Yet, it was different territory for Mickey, who has never been good with relationships. Gus, on the other hand, tried to be supportive of her but came across a tad too clingy and self-centered. That ultimately led Mickey back to Dustin.

For a good part of the time Gus was in Atlanta, Mickey was seeing Dustin. Knowing it would kill Gus if she said something, she decided to keep it a secret. Mickey has always been a little questionable when it comes to her choices with men. She knew Gus was a perfect guy for her, but little things and the distance apart from each other drove her away.

During his time in Atlanta, Gus attended meetings to better help understand what Mickey was going through. How to become a better support system for her. Gus now can let Mickey heal on her own and fight her addiction. And while he’ll still be there for support, it’s a battle she needs to fight alone.

The only thing holding the two back at this point is the secret. Mickey no doubt wants to tell Gus what went down with Dustin during his time in Atlanta, but the fear of losing him is just too great.

Although knowing Gus, he’ll probably still care for her regardless of what she says. He knows Mickey isn’t the perfect girl. I’m sure the initial shock will be there, but seeing how Gus turned down a lucrative offer in New York for Mickey, he’ll definitely try to make it work.

Still, Mickey needs him in her life. And while she might not want to risk losing him, at some point she will need to tell him. The secret she’s keeping will eat away at her until it becomes public. And that’s not good for their relationship.

Mickey and Gus have come so far, it’s time they give this a real shot. And while Mickey will need to come clean eventually, her main focus right now is Gus. And there is a determination from both to make this work.

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