Breaking News: Former Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay has died

The baseball world lost another player today. According to several reports, former Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay has died at the age of 40. He was pronounced died after a plane registered to him crashed over the Gulf of Mexico.

He was in baseball from 1998 until 2013. During his sixteen years in baseball, he would end up playing for the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies. He would average 17 wins and nine losses with an era of 3.38. He would end up also having three seasons where he would have over 20 wins in the season. He did that one twice with the Blue Jays and once with the Phillies. Also, he is still the second Major League pitcher to pitch a perfect game in the playoffs. The other one was New York Yankees pitcher Don Larsen accomplished that feat against the Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1956 World Series. He was simply one of the more dominant pitchers in his time. He pitched towards the end of the steroid era, so it became more about the pitchers and less about the hitters.

Unfortunately, it seems that plane crashes have taken ball players over the years. In the last fifty years, we have seen such players as Thurman Munson, Cory Lidle, and Roberto Clemente all be killed as a result of a plane crash. I am speaking from a Mets fan perspective and I always thought Halladay was great. I remember how the Blue Jays pitching staff was basically lead by Halladay and AJ Burnett, who both threw nasty pitches. The Blue Jays never won anything while he was there, but between the two of them, you knew that you were seeing quality pitching every time they would get the call to the mound.

While he may not be Hall of Fame worthy, I still feel he played like one.

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