Thor: Ragnarok – 3 Things I Liked, 3 Things I Did Not

Marvel’s latest hit film is officially in theaters, as Thor: Ragnarok opened with an impressive $121 million opening weekend in the United States. The film certifies fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and is getting rave reviews left and right. I was fortunate enough to take in the latest installment in the MCU on its opening night, and it’s safe to say I had plenty of takeaways from Taika Waititi’s piece.

Let me get the warning out now. The rest of this article will contain SPOILERS for the third act of the Thor franchise. So if you have not seen Thor, Hulk and Loki’s latest adventure, go get your ticket now and come on back later.

Before I get into the specifics, let’s go through a more broad overview of the film. The film was certainly enjoyable. It was downright hilarious actually. The movie gave us plenty of laugh out loud moments, with them setting the tone from the very first scene. The plot was simple enough to follow, as things were reliant on a super-unbelievable plot.

One of the most refreshing things about the film was its plethora of surprises. The trailers honestly did not give away much at all. Marvel used them for misdirection, as they altered several scenes in the final theater version. Remember the first trailer where Hela catches Mjolnir in a New York City Alley? Well, that actually happens in a field in Norway, like it was in the more recent commercials. That scenes where Thor has electricity run through his body, evident by his two eyes. Yeah, at that moment in the film, the God of Thunder is actually down an eye.

With all of that said, the film was not without its flaws. Most of the things I did not like are minor, thus are not going to make me say “don’t see this film”. But there were enough of them for me to say this film probably falls outside my top five MCU movies. So let’s get into some specifics, shall we?

3 Things I liked:


The rocky character played by the film’s director was an absolute scene-stealer. Anytime he opened his mouth, it was comedic gold. From the accent to the actual words he spoke, fans will want more of Korg. He was on the ship at the end of the film alongside Thor, Loki, Hulk and Valkyrie, so we should get at least one more film with him. Granted said ship is likely going to get blown to pieces by Thanos next year, that may, unfortunately, be the end for Korg.

Regardless of how much longer he sticks around, when I think of Ragnarok, many will think of Korg. I can’t go more than a few hours without saying “Hey man, we’re gonna get out of here. Wanna come?” in that funny high-pitched voice.

The lost eye 

Thor’s father, Odin, who meets his end early in the film, releasing Hela, is known for his signature eye-patch. But now it will be his son that needs to rock the eye-wear. In the climactic battle against his sister Hela, she gouges out Thor’s one eye. As a result, he will be rocking a golden eye-patch in the coming MCU films.

This one makes the list given it is one of those moments fans did not really expect. It pays homage to the character of Odin, who had a serious influence on Thor in this film as he tapped into his true power. It may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme of the MCU, but it was a cool moment that is rooted in meaning. Props to Marvel and Mr. Waititi on making this happen.

The lack of the Soul Stone

Most Marvel fans, myself included, were under the assumption that Heimdall possessed the Soul Stone. However, there was no mention of said Stone in this film. Heimdall was without his armor, but still rocking the orange eyes. So we can probably rule out that possibility going forward.

That means the mystery is still alive! With Avengers: Infinity War about six months away, that means we still have some time to speculate. Some are saying the Stone will show up in February when Black Panther hits theaters. Others think it actually did show up in Ragnarok, hidden inside the Grandmaster’s melting staff. The fact that we are still questioning its whereabouts is a positive for the MCU.

3 Things I did not like:


When you see Skurge, you think he is a total badass. Instead, you get someone who is simply a follower. Someone who they also portray as a total moron. Was it funny to see him using a Shake Weight during the first scene we saw him? Sure. As someone who they virtually force into following Hela, his arc is also super predictable.

So while it was nice to see him sacrifice himself for the betterment of the Asgardian people, there were no other options given how the character was played. Things would be so much better if he was a tough rugged guy who they allowed to show no mercy early in the film. Having him give up his life in that case simply would have meant more.

The Warriors Three Dying with Ease

The Warriors Three were never major players in the MCU. However, they were always key members of the Thor trilogy. That was at least for the first two chapters. In this film, they each get one scene apiece. And Hela dispatches all three of them with ease.

Sure, it helps to assert Hela as a true powerhouse. But still, it would have been nice to see them put up more of a fight. Two-thirds of the crew have literally no chance to fight, blown away almost immediately after Hela arrives. Such disregard for characters that were prominent figures in the first two just feels like a letdown.

Hulk talking

Now I know I am going to catch some heat on this one. To put it simply, I wasn’t all that thrilled with how Hulk’s arc went in this one. The explanation on how he arrived on Sakaar after Age of Ultron was pretty lackluster. After being on an alien planet in Hulk form for two years, the big green guy can all of a sudden speak more? Then on top of that, they portray the Hulk as a complete idiot, despite Banner being a genius.

Sure the two personas are just that, but to see him as nothing more than a clueless monster seems like an injustice to the character. At the end of the day, he is a powerhouse character who they reduce to a comedic relief type of role. To wrap things up, they could do so much more with the character than they did here.

Now there is plenty more in this film that I did not touch on. Valkyrie was pretty kick-ass. Loki was up to his usual tricks. Matt Damon made a pretty hilarious cameo. Grandmaster was another new character full of laughs. More “crude” humor than the typical MCU film (See Devil’s Anus).

At the end of the day, Thor: Ragnarok is still a win for Marvel. On a scale of one to ten, I am giving it a pretty solid seven, seven and a half. Is it better than films like Guardians of The Galaxy or Captain America: Civil War? No. But it is still a solid film, that will likely be the majority of people’s favorite Thor film.

What did you think of Ragnarok? Tell us in the comments!

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