Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Head Case In New Orleans

Let me first start off by saying this, I’ve have stood up, numerous times, for Jameis Winston and Mike Evans of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Saying that the issue was not them, but it was the play calling, or the defense, or special teams. But from here on out, I will no longer vouch for them, because when you act childish and attempt to start a fight, WHEN DOWN BY 27 POINTS, you are the reason for losing games. Seriously, just think about it, the franchise quarterback, who is “hurt” on the sideline, can come out and instigate a fight, instead of finding a way to relieve the stress on his arm? I will no longer vouch for either player. Honestly, fining and suspending both players for their stupid actions is how the Bucs and NFL should handle this.

Anyways, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traveled to New Orleans to face the red-hot Saints. The Saints were looking to continue their five-game winning streak, With the way the Saints offense was balancing the ball out, the Saints would have no trouble. The Bucs attempted to get started with a drive but the Saints defense forced a punt. However, the Saints blocked and returned the punt for a touchdown. At this moment, the Bucs started to fall apart as a team. The Saints caused havoc for Jameis Winston who re-injured his AC Sprain and ultimately began showing his frustration.

After halftime, the Bucs were down 16-3. Coming out of the locker room, Ryan Fitzpatrick made his start after Winston’s injury kept him sidelined. Yet, instead of heading back to the locker room, Winston instigated a fight with Marshone Lattimore. Winston came off the sideline and poked Lattimore in the back of the neck. In response, Lattimore turned around and shoved Winston, which caused Mike Evans to run halfway across the field to hit Lattimore in the back. A fight broke out, yet the refs did not eject any players. Consequently, the refs only called one penalty on Evans.

The game continued to run away from the Bucs. Fitzpatrick did everything that he could to get them back in the game, it just would not work. The Bucs lost the game, 30-10. Next, they have a home game in which they face the New York Jets on Sunday at 1 P.M. EST. Be sure to look out for the preview and recap on this game. Also look for me in the stands!

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