Wrestling: Bask In The Glory Of Keith Lee

Keith Lee is the hidden gem of the professional wrestling world. The 32-year-old has been the talk of the town with his impressive run at the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle For Los Angeles event, where he was awarded a five-star match from Dave Meltzer for his performance against Donovan Dijak. What does the future hold for Lee, and is he indeed the wrestling world’s next big thing?

Lee isn’t the smallest of competitors in the squared circle. At 6’3, 332 lbs, he’s a handful. This doesn’t stop Lee from performing jaw-dropping aerial moves and athletic flips in the ring. For proof of this, watch his match with Dijak at PWG BOLA or the WCPW World Cup of Wrestling USA final with King Ricochet. The agile Lee more than held his own in those contests.

The aforementioned matches are probably the signature performances from Lee. Although he’s got quite the catalog of wrestlers faced in his career. In addition to Dijak and Ricochet, the Texas native has faced off against Zach Sabre Jr.(WWE Cruiserweight Classic)Matt Riddle(former UFC fighter), Sami Callahan(formerly of NXT), Lio Rush (NXT) and Brian Cage( Lucha Underground). It’s a virtual who’s who of the indie scene.

Currently signed with Evolve, Lee is on the verge of elite status in the wrestling world. He’s doing things that many wrestlers of his size simply can’t. A 5-star match has become the norm for him. He’s truly the wrestling world’s next big thing. And the question of whether he’s WWE bound is on the top of everyone’s mind.

Anytime wrestlers as dominant and charismatic as Lee are around, the talk of WWE will follow them. And while Lee seems to be pretty content with the indie scene, sometimes the lure of the big leagues comes calling. Without question, Vince McMahon would love to get his hands on Lee. He’s the perfect wrestler for the company.

Let’s not get carried away though, as Lee isn’t going to leave the indie scene anytime soon. After his performance at PWG BOLA, you’d expect him to want to enter the tournament next year, with the sole purpose of winning the whole damn thing. And that may very well be the case, as there aren’t many more deserving of that honor than Lee.

The charisma of Keith Lee combined with his wrestling skill make him one of the top indie talents in the business. He’ll one day become a world champ, whether that be for WWE, ROH, Defiant, IMPACT, or New Japan, a major title is in his future. So let’s all just “Bask In the Glory” that is Keith Lee.

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