South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

When it comes to South Park, we never know what to expect. After their wildly popular success with The Stick of Truth, the South Park team is back with The Fractured But Whole. Even the title of the game can’t help but make you giggle. So what was in store for players of the next big game from Ubisoft.

With the next installment being announced what seems like ages ago South Park; The Fractured But Whole brings us back to the small little mountain town. One of the more impressive features of the gameplay was probably the biggest hurdle for the developers. The fact that as you walk through the game you genuinely feel like you’re in an episode of the show gives the game that authentic feel. Much like The Stick of Truth, you navigate through the town from the main story mission trying to develop your own superhero franchise, to side missions such as bringing Tweak and Craig back together.


The turn-based RPG steps away from a simple selection of attacks to a more challenging mobility grid. Different characters move uniquely along the battlefield as well as attack in different patterns. While the game itself isn’t too challenging, it’s the game itself that keeps players interested. It’s the humor in the game that really draws the players in.

Sparing no feelings, The Fractured But Whole stays true to South Park fashion. Everything from chasing your gender identity to the game’s difficulty changing based on your skin tone, to corrupt police officers lend lighthearted humor to the games overall experience.

South Park: The Fracture But Whole won’t be one of the most challenging games to compete. However the novelty of the game combined with getting The Stick of Truth free makes it worth the pickup. Getting two games for the price of one is never a bad thing, on top of the very enjoyable hilarious tasks throughout the game, South Park has hit another one out of the park. Finishing the game in just under two weeks with a little less than an hour a day to play didn’t overtake the enjoyment of the game. If you’re a fan of the show, it’s a must pick up. Easily a 4/5.

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