Orlando City Closes Out Season With Relief For Puerto Rico

While the MLS Regular Season ended a few weeks ago, and playoffs are roaring right now, Orlando City Soccer Club hosted a relief fund game for Puerto Rico. Their opponent was the Puerto Rico National Team, in efforts to raise funds for the recent hurricane damages done to Puerto Rico. Not only is this game important and emotional in that standpoint, but this is also the last match that Ricardo KaKa was apart of. As well as one of the supporter groups Vice President has passed away in a car accident, and they were dedicating this game to him as well. With a plethora of emotions behind the game, Head Coach Jason Kreis set the following line up:


Orlando welcomed The Puerto Rican National Team with love and cheers, and while the teams finished their stretches, the referees were getting ready to start the game. The teams took their respective roles on the field and the match started by the refs’ whistle and Orlando took charge. Yet, the score of the game and style of gameplay did not matter, this match was intended to be a fun, yet competitive match between the two teams, and to strictly raise relief funds for Puerto Rico.

After the game ended, each team raffled off their jerseys and other game apparel. Orlando also was able to donate a majority of the percentage of ticket funds towards the relief fund as well. Orlando raises over thousands of dollars toward the relief fund and was able to help thousands of citizens of Puerto Rico. While the score and outcome of the game do not matter, Orlando is looking forward to improving over the offseason to ensure their fans and teammates a playoff berth for next season!

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