New York Jets Prevail Against Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets faced the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football and all the pressure was on the Jets to win this game. Luckily for all Jets fans, the Jets were able to answer that pressure and come out with a win against a division rival. The Jets won the game 34-21 and had fun while doing so. While the entire team stood out as stars, the biggest achievements are outlined below.

Young, Hungry, and Defensive!

While the Jets defensive line was not exceeding expectations throughout the season so far, they stepped up big time against Buffalo. The defensive line was able to disrupt the offensive line and make Tyrod Taylor antsy, which caused him to be sacked seven times Thursday. The defense is continuing to make big plays by forcing and recovering three fumbles. This Jets defense is young, hungry, and making great defensive plays.

Wheel Of Running Backs!

Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, Elijah McGuire, and Josh McCown account for almost 200 yards of rushing and three touchdowns. When that happens, you know the run game is working. After Forte expressed his displeasure with the recent production, he got the ball more this week and succeeded. The Jets ran the ball extremely well, allowing the play action to work to perfection. The Jets ground game looks as if it’s in mid-season form.

Play Calling 101 – Professor Morton

After being called out by Matt Forte, Jets Offensive Coordinator John Morton switched up the play calling. He simply kept it simple, meaning run the ball and play off of the play action. Allowing McCown to not make any silly turnovers, and keep the Jets in the lead for the entire game. Great play calling by Professor Morton and we can only hope it’s the same for next week as well.

The New York Jets are now (4-5) and looking to continue building their success and win streak against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week in Tampa. The Jets still have a small chance at making the playoffs, but it all depends on consistency and wins going forward. If the Jets play like they did Thursday, they could easily make the playoffs this year!

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