Thoughts On “Happy Death Day” from a Horror Fan’s Perspective

Of all the horror movies to come out this fall (IT, Jigsaw), Happy Death Day might be the most original. Yes, it’s just a simple slasher film, but there was a lot more to it. And while the film did have its faults, there was a lot to like about this one.

I’ll start off by saying Happy Death Day is probably the least frightening of any Blumhouse film I’ve seen. That’s not a bad thing, but be aware going into it that it’s not going to provide many scares. Also, with a PG-13 rating, the amount of violence is also quite minimal.

What I did like about Happy Death Day:

The plot was quite easy to follow. It’s not a thinking man’s horror film. Basically a slasher version of Groundhog Day, you didn’t need to invest much time in figuring out what was going on at the beginning.

The killer’s mask was beyond frightening. Something about that smiling baby mask creeped me out every time it came on-screen. I always get freaked out by a particular character on-screen (The Nun in the Conjuring being my ultimate nightmare.) not the actual scare. So when someone on-screen, such as that in Happy Death Day, is in full costume, I get extremely uneasy.

What I did not like about Happy Death Day:

Unfortunately, the film does stray from its very linear plot near the end of the second act. Things get somewhat confusing, and can become hard to follow. It will get sorted out in the end, but there were brief moments of confusion.

A lot of plot points in the film went unexplained. The biggest of which (SPOILER) is that we never learn why the main character continuously comes back from the dead after being killed. There’s no explanation for it, and the film didn’t feel complete.

Lastly, the film’s ending left me quite disappointed. The killer reveal was quite anti-climatic and didn’t really make a ton of sense. Although, it’s not quite as predictable as you might think. It took me about 3/4 of the movie to figure out who the killer was.

It might seem like there were more things I didn’t like about Happy Death Day than I did like. And while that’s true, the film itself is quite fun. Again, not the scariest (unless the killer’s mask scares you) but still not a bad attempt at getting your heart racing. Overall it’s worth it to see this film. Wether it be in theatres (Which many might not be showing this film anymore) or at home, you’ll definitely enjoy Happy Death Day

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