Ring of Honor: It’s Time For Dalton Castle To Win The Gold

Dalton Castle deserves his shot at Cody. After becoming one of the most over wrestlers on the planet, the 31-year-old is due a shot at the Ring of Honor World Title. The question is, “when will that time come?” And will he actually beat Cody?

Castle is coming off an impressive victory at the Soaring Eagle Cup. That wasn’t the only gold he’s won this year, as himself and the Boys were the ROH six-man champs. It’s been an amazing 2017 for Castle, and it should be capped off by a world title shot.

Cody has been an amazing champ for ROH. The Bullet Club member is really getting over with the crowd, both in ROH and across the world. Castle, who has wrestled with numerous other promotions himself, has really grown into one of the top stars in ROH. So much so that crowds have begun to chant his name at Cody.

It makes a lot of sense for Castle to become ROH champ. He’s been with the company for 4 years. Over that time he’s gained quite the cult following. Castle is known for his sometimes flamboyant ways and extravagant showmanship, which garnered him the peacock name.

What’s shocking is its taken this long for Castle to be mentioned in the ROH Title picture. His first championship came when he captured the six-man belts. And now it appears that he’s set to enter a program with Cody, one that could last a few months.

Would giving Castle the title be a wise decision for ROH? Yes, as he’s very much deserving to be the main guy in the promotion. Cody has been a particularly strong champ during his run, but it’s time he drop the belt. Castle is the logical choice to defeat him. This could happen as soon as Final Battle in December.

We’ve seen Dalton Castle slowly climb the ladder to success in ROH. He’s more than deserving of a title match. While Cody might not drop the belt right away, Castle should beat him for the title. You’ve already got someone that’s over with crowd in Castle, and he’s the perfect baby face champ.

What are you waiting for, Ring Of Honor? Give Dalton Castle the title shot he deserves.

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