Disney California Adventure: Like It Or Not, Pixar Pier Is Coming

Some say that Disney overdoes the use of IP (Intellectual Properties) in their parks. And while it’s obvious that’s what their bread and butter is, some wouldn’t mind the non movie or character related attraction to be less prevalent in parks. That’s exactly the case over at Disney’s California Adventure, as Pixar Pier is coming to the park.

Disney fans are upset by the changing of the beloved Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier. While I see no issue with this move, many are up in arms because of it. Not only does it add another IP, but it takes away one of the nostalgic areas of California Adventure.

The hot button issue is the renaming of California Screamin’ into Incredicoaster (theming it to the Incredibles). I get some may have issue with an IP taking away a classic attraction, but it’s really what’s best for business.

Pixar films make a lot of money for Disney. Getting guests into the park is the main motivation. Naming a coaster after one of the most beloved Pixar films of all-time is genius. The casual Disney fan going to California Adventure will see Pixar Pier and be more inclined to go there than the typical Paradise Pier they have now. It’s the same idea with the Incredicoaster.

To be honest, it’s been a long time coming for an Incredibles themed ride to be included at a Disney park. With the sequel set to hit in 2018, the property will be given new life. I’d like to see Disney go all out with this coaster, possibly paint it black, yellow, and red to match the colors of the logo. Of course that’s just wishful thinking, but it sure would look cool.

The Incredicoaster is just one part of the Pixar Pier. There will be many changes coming to that area of the park. We will see attractions and areas themed to Toy Story and Inside Out among others. Rides such as Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be modified to give it a Pixar theme.

We already have Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure, so adding another Pixar section might seem like overkill. It’s all about the bottom line. If Pixar is what sells for this park, then it will be done. There’s no better way around it. Incredibles is going to make money, and that’s what Disney is banking on with everything in Pixar Pier.

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