The Ranch: Will Beau Bennett Be Okay Without Maggie Or Joanne

It’s not the best of times for Beau Bennett on The Ranch. With his family all taking on relationships, including ex-wife Maggie, he’s left with nobody special in his life. What does the future hold for Beau? And can he survive without that connection?

Part 3 of The Ranch saw Beau get rather cozy with a few different women. Both Brenda, who Beau had a history with, and Joanne were trying to get the attention of the elder Bennett. While Beau made his intentions clear to Brenda, he felt a much stronger connection to Joanne.

It became evident that Beau was smitten by Joanne. He took her on a date, they kissed, shared their feelings towards each other, and enjoyed the companionship. But when Joanne needed to take time away for her family’s sake, that left Beau with without that special person in his life.

Even with Joanne, we know that Beau still had feelings for Maggie. At this point, it’s safe to say she’s moved on. It had to be hard on him to hear of her plans to leave Garrison. Beau won’t have that person he can talk to about his troubles, fears, and problems with. That’s definitely going to take a toll on Beau.

While he’s still got Abby (Colt’s girlfriend), Heather (the mother of Colt’s child), Mary (Heather’s mother), and a grandchild on the way, it’s not going to be smooth sailing for Beau. He won’t go and seek help for anything, which could be an issue if anything were to happen to him. But there are still those who care for him, even if it’s not on a romantic level or even a companion.

Who knows what would happen on the Ranch without Beau? He’s got to stay strong for the sake of the Bennett family. Sure it’s tough with Maggie being gone, and Joanne not in his life, but he’s a tough son of a bitch and will pull through. There’s too much on the line to stay miserable and dwell on these issues.

While Beau might be hurting on the inside, he certainly won’t let anybody know that. He’ll stay strong and continue being his stubborn self. Eventually, things will fall into place for him. The companion he’s looked for since Maggie left will find him. It’s just a matter of time.

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