WWE NXT: Takeover Houston will now be WarGames

As we saw on NXT last night, General Manager William Regal dropped a major bombshell for NXT Takeover Houston. It was announced that we will be seeing the Authors of Pain with Rodrick Strong, Sanity, and Undisputed Era in WarGames. Also the event will now be known as NXt Takeover: WarGames.

This concept was the baby of former WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes in the 1980s. We saw this type of match featured a lot in WCW with the last one happening 17 years ago. The concept of the match is that there will be two rings surrounded by one cage. All three of the teams enter at once and one will come out winners. When WWE bought WCW back in 2001, there was almost an uncertainty within the fanbase of wrestling because no one knew if we would ever see this match again. For years, Vince McMahon has shot down the idea of doing this event on the main roster. If this does well in NXT. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it make its way to the main roster.

What is interesting to make note of is that WarGames didn’t get its start in WCW. When Dusty Rhodes first came up with the concept, it was for the NWA. It would then make its way to the WCW in the 1980s. The last WarGames match we saw took place on the September 4, 2000 episode of WCW Monday Nitro. We saw the team consisting of Kevin Nash,Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Vince Russo and the Harris Brothers go up against Sting,Goldberg,Booker T, and Kronik. Team Russo would end up winning that match.

My only fear is that one of the components of WarGames is that it becomes a bloodbath essentially. Due to the WWE trying to stay away from bleeding, will the War Games match happening in Houston in two weeks almost be a PG version. I hope not because then the match won’t be what it is meant to be. Here is the clip of William Regal announcing the return of War Games:

(You can skip to the 2:20 mark to see the announcement)

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