A Raunchy Show To Say The Least, Big Mouth Has A lot Of Questions Heading Into Season 2

Netflix has a track record of crossing the line on some of its shows. Big Mouth continues this tradition, but it’s not a bad thing by any means. And as the show was picked up for a second season, it’s a good time to speculate what might be on the horizon for the raunchy comedy cartoon.

1. Will Nick and the Hormone monster co-exist?
We saw at the end of season 1, Nick finally get his own Hormone Monster. Of course, it wasn’t the same as Andrew’s, it appears Season 2 will focus heavily on Nick’s journey into puberty. Judging by the path Andrew took this season, you’d think Nick is in for a long ride. We know he’s become smitten with a few women over the course of Season 1. Nonetheless, will the addition of the Hormone Monster bring him more confidence? Or will it take Nick longer to mature than his best pal Andrew?

2. Where will Jessi and Jay end up?
We saw both Jessi and Jay leave everything behind and run away together. Of course, while both Children, they probably won’t get very far. They bonded over their families problems at home, and have become quite the item. Is this the start of their first real relationship? Or will it just fade as time goes on? Exactly where do they run off to, and when do they realize they’ve made a terrible mistake?

3. Does Andrew ever get Missy back?
Andrew grew really attached to Missy over the course of Season 1. But when her parents forbade them from seeing each other, Andrew completely broke down. He went crazy, even going on a porn binge. It’s probably nothing more than puppy love, but Andrew still wants Missy in his life. And while he and his Hormone Monster desperately want him to hook up with her, it might be more than that for Andrew. In fact, he might really like Missy.

Season 1 of Big Mouth is a very raunchy experience. It’s amazing how Netflix even got away with producing this show. But as mentioned before, it’s not a bad thing, as it’s funny to look into the mind of a typical middle school student in this day and age. There are plenty of things to explore in Season 2. And while these are just some of the burning questions, surely more will arise during the next season as well.

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