New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills Color Rush Preview

While this is one of the most unexciting games for Thursday Night Football this year, it still has its importance. The Buffalo Bills (5-2) are visiting the New York Jets (3-5) on Thursday and while the Bills are looking to tie the lead in the division, the Jets are looking to get their names back into the playoff race. The Jets will need a big game to pull out the upset against The Bills, and listed below is what the need to do.

Three-Quarters of A Team
The New York Jets this year are doing a fascinating job within the first three-quarters of the game this year. Going into the fourth quarter in the last three games with a lead over their opponents. Yet, the last three games have ended in losses, which does not make any sense. The Jets opponents are outscoring them 124-20 in the fourth quarter, which to win games, will need to end this week. The Jets will need to run the ball consistently and avoid silly turnovers in the fourth quarter to win this game.

Please!!! Don’t Throw A Flag!!
This is what myself and countless of other Jets fans are screaming. Whether at the stadium or at the television every week. The Jets are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL.  A majority of them are pointless calls, that could be avoided by using common sense. Coach Todd Bowles will need to come down with an iron fist this week, and eliminate pointless penalties to ensure a victory.

New Faces, Same Problems
The penalties are ridiculous, and a majority come from the secondary. Instead of the Jets attempting to change that, they traded for Rashard Robinson. Robinson, who is penalty prone, comes from the 49ers for a draft pick. While Robinson is a very good and young corner, he has a tendency to make the crucial mistake. Robinson is coming in, and all of New York is looking for him to make a difference in Thursday game.

This is a must-win game for the New York Jets. They will also need big games from Jamal Adams and Josh McCown. The Jets are underdogs in this game. With two games, including this one, left until the bye week, every game is important going forward. As long as the Jets can avoid pointless turnovers, and play conservative in the fourth quarter, the Jets should win this game in a tough defensive battle.

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