Los Angeles Angels: Left field secured, next need: Second base

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Nov. 2, 2017)- One of the remaining Los Angeles Angels needs is at second base. After signing Justin Upton to a five-year deal and fulfilling the void in left field.

At the end of August, the Angels signed Brandon Phillips to come in and play second base for the Angels, but he is not a long-term fix. So should the Angels go out and attempt to sign another free agent? Or should they take the Houston Astros’ approach and try to build from their own farm?

Personally, although Brandon Phillips is not a long-term solution, there is no reason that he can’t help with the long-term.  In 2017, Phillips batted .285 this year with the Atlanta Braves and the Angels, so he still has talent. The only thing that would prevent the Angels from bringing him in long-term is his age. Brandon turned 36 June of this year, he has been in the league eleven years and he may have a few more years left in the tank, but not more than three.

In the Angels farm system, they already have their future second baseman if they play their cards right. David Fletcher has batted .282 in his minor league career. His scouting report says that he is a smart baseball player, knows when to capitalize on fielding blunders and even though he is not a power hitter, he can still give that clutch hit through the infield.

So what the Angels have is; a veteran presence at second that will be a good placeholder for the next few seasons with the team, and a stud in the minors. What should they do? They should bring up Fletcher to be a utility man so he can learn from Brandon Phillips and Albert Pujols, and move Kaleb Cowart to third base, it won’t a quick fix, and for that reason Angels fans will be mad. However it will pay off in the long run.

If there is one lesson that can be learned from the 2017 world series it’s that, homegrown talent is always the best way to go. The Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest payroll entering this season, and they were able to buy everything minus a championship. They were beaten by a team who grew their players and brought in veterans to give those young studs some direction, and look what happened, world series champions.



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