Kings Island: Mystic Timbers Is A Great Attraction Surrounded in Mystery

The biggest coaster debut of 2017 was Mystic Timbers at Kings Island. I didn’t want to write about Mystic Timbers during the season, only because I wanted as many people to experience this coaster as possible. And it’s definitely an experience.

From the entrance plaza, you’re immersed in the scenery. This is a very well themed attraction. The entrance sign alone is enough to garner A+ grades from anyone. The truck out front, the wooded queue lines, the many trees, and the creepy vibe you get walking through to the main station is so satisfying.

The coaster itself is quite the ride. Manufactured by GCI, Mystic Timbers has16 airtime moments. The most surprising fact about this coaster is its 53 mph speed. You’re going so fast, that it feels like 70 mph. There aren’t many signature elements to this coaster. I’ll say that I enjoyed it much more than Thunderhead (another GCI coaster) at Dollywood, which I felt packed little punch and offered very little.

One nice touch Kings Island added is the audio going up the lift hill. It really adds to the story. And that’s the general feel of this whole coaster. It’s the experience. From the truck themed cars, the audio, and the shed itself, it’s a great coaster.

Speaking of the shed, what’s the verdict?

On my ride on Mystic Timbers, I got on the first train of the day. As I approached the shed, the remaining empty train needed to complete its cycle, so I was sitting outside of the shed for some time. Once entered you’ll hear music from the stereo prop placed on the right. I happened to get Hall and Oates on my ride.

It’s quite the themed area. You’re basically inside a maintenance shed. You’ll see tons of props and detail throughout, and you might want to ride it more than once to see everything. The outside is quite nice as well. The vines cover the entrance way, making it look very run down and spooky.

My train spent more time than usual inside the shed. As you start moving, you’re treated to a visual of a few different scary sights on the projection screen. I got the snake, but bats and the signature Mystic Timbers tree are some of the other creatures you might witness. And after that, it’s the end of the coaster.

On the whole, I thought Mystic Timbers was a great coaster. The shed did not impress me. After all the build-up going into the coaster debut, the payoff was kind of disappointing. Although considering the shed is only meant to liven things up as the next train loads, it certainly beats sitting on the track waiting to pull into the station.

Is Mystic Timbers my favorite wooden coaster? No. In fact, I don’t think it’s the best wooden coaster at Kings Island. That doesn’t mean it’s not an exciting coaster. And for a coaster enthusiast or a casual park goer, it’s a perfect way to escape into a story and an overall good attraction.

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