Despite A Dark Side, Penta El Zero M Is A Good Match For WWE

Would Penta El Zero M be a good fit for WWE?

With the recent season of Lucha Underground coming to an end, some of its biggest stars could be targets for Vince McMahon. One name who might be the at the top of the list is Penta. His dark and eerie style would make for a very compelling character on WWE television. Of course, it’s quite the longshot he signs with the company.

Someone like Penta El Zero M isn’t the normal WWE superstar. He’s very aggressive and might be a tad intense for some of the casual audience. Still, he’s one of the biggest names on the indie scene today. And given his luchadore background, a perfect fit for NXT and 205 Live.

On Lucha Underground, Penta showcased his wide array of wrestling style. In fact, he’s not only technical but can also be high-flying. For example, El Zero is the master of the package piledriver. A move which the WWE has banned. Ironically, his aggressive in-ring style might not work with the company. That’s not to say he couldn’t tone it down for the WWE audience.

One thing Penta has is charisma. While it’s not noticeable at times, he has an unmatched ability to play the heel. Called the breaker of bones on Lucha Underground, his mean streak comes through in his matches. It’d be a real change of pace from the normal WWE superstar.

Let’s say he gets an offer with WWE. Penta El Zero M would probably start on NXT.  There he could continue his breaking of bones streak and “break the arm” of his opponent. Not only would it be a great way to put him over as a massive heel, it would set him up for a big run on the main roster.

As it stands now, the only true luchadores the WWE has are Kalisto, Cien Almas, Gran Metalik, and Sin Cara. The WWE needs more Mexican wrestlers on TV. Especially if they are trying to capture the success of the WCW Cruiserweight division.

Regardless of how intense the character might be, Penta El Zero M is a marketable act for the WWE. Additionally, he’s got a look that not many stars can replicate. Not to mention, he’d easily take over the scene upon his arrival. Who knows what the WWE will do in regards to beefing up the cruiserweight division, but signing Penta El Zero M is a great choice.

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