Denver Broncos: Good, Bad, and WTF against the Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Broncos are in serious trouble. What was once a promising season is now sliding down a slippery slope. Unfortunately, for Broncos fans that slope may not stop anytime soon. With upcoming games against the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, 3-4 could quickly become 3-6.

That is unless they make some changes. After their game on Monday night, the Broncos and Head Coach Vance Joseph need to look at some key positions and make some changes. So what happened Monday? Here is the Good, the Bad, and the WTF from the loss at Kansas City.

The Good

  1. Defense

If not for the defense of the Denver Broncos, this game would have got out of hand very quickly. Aside from the TD in the first quarter to Travis Kelce the Broncos defense held its ground and held the Kansas City Chiefs to 5 FGs. However, unless this defense can also help put the ball in the end zone their efforts are for not.

  1. The Run Game

This was one of our keys to victory for the Broncos. The Broncos needed to establish a running game. They were able to do that. In fact, the Denver Broncos ran the ball 31 times for 177 yards. In previous games, this was good enough to get the win. During their three previous wins, the team averaged over 140 yards on the ground per game. Nonetheless, the 177 was not good enough for the Broncos last night.

The Bad

  1. Trevor Siemian

During the Broncos three-game winning streak, Siemian was playing as well as any QB in the league. Now, he looks about as bad as the Cleveland Browns. In the last five games that the Broncos have played, they have a 1-5 record. During those games, Siemian has 3 TDs to 8 INTs. While he shows the ability to make some plays, he is not making smart decisions with the ball. As promising as the kid might seem, it may just now be time to make a switch. Especially in an attempt to save the season.

  1. Turnovers

The Denver Broncos had five turnovers last night, 3 INTs and 2 fumbles. You cannot win on any level giving the ball to the opponent that many times. This again shows how well the defense played by only allowing 29 points and losing by 10. Even if the Broncos were a better offensive team, it would have been tough to overcome these mistakes.


  1. Receivers

The receivers of the Broncos have a case of the dropsies lately. This does not help a struggling QB and his confidence. Last night I can recall two or three times, in which Siemian layed the ball in perfectly to his pass catcher and they put it on the ground. This does not let Siemian off the hook; however, it does ease some of the pain. Especially knowing that the plays are there.

The Denver Broncos can right the season, provided that they make some changes. Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy need to stick to the run. Due to the fact that it can only help an ailing offense. Additionally, it is time to look at a new arm. As was previously stated, it just may save the season.

Next up for the Broncos is a trip to the 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles. This will be a battle between the top 2 running defenses in the league. Many expect that this could be a cakewalk for the Eagles. In the end, I see this as a closely contested battle.

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