The Ranch: Can Rooster Thrive As Owner Of Maggie’s?

The biggest question on Netflix’s hit show, The Ranch, is the status of Colt and Heather’s unborn son. The next pressing issue is how Rooster will do as the owner of Maggie’s. Will the sometimes reckless brother succeed in his attempt to keep the Garrison watering hole afloat?

We know Rooster is a tad immature at times. His decision to step away from ranching to help out his mother (Maggie) with her away from the bar shows a lot about his character. Last season was a slap in the face for the oldest Bennett brother. Newman’s Hills fired him over a series of bad choices. It led him to Maggie’s bar, where his mother is trusting him to take over her pride and joy.

Yes, Rooster can drink, and working at a bar might only further that. However, you can bet while Rooster fills in for his mother he will put a lot of care and love into the place. Rooster might not seem like the ideal candidate to run a business, especially after his Newman Hill debacle, but this should hopefully be different for him.

The added responsibility Rooster now has of running the bar will only strengthen him. It will be interesting to see how he steps up. We know he volunteered to take over the bar. The only hesitation one might have is whether Rooster is 100 percent focused on the bar.

It’s one thing to commit, but will Rooster give his all to Maggie’s? Earlier in the season, she offered Rooster the bar after his firing from Newman’s Hill. He ultimately declined the offer, choosing to focus on his career as a rancher. Sure, the ability to help out Maggie was a deciding factor in his final decision to take over, but one must wonder if he’s going to give it his all.

For him, the biggest obstacle is to not drink on the job. Which is sometimes a good thing, especially as a bartender. But, with all of his faults, there will still be a lot of time and effort put into Maggie’s. The bar has been with his mother for years, and he won’t let it suffer. Despite it not being his first career choice, there is still a lot of motivation and drive behind Rooster. It’s all going to sort itself out on Part 4 of The Ranch.

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