Denver Broncos: Three Keys against the Kansas City Chiefs

When the Denver Broncos take the field Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs they will be looking to break the slide. The Broncos are in the middle of a two-game losing streak. Braking that streak would pull them within one game of their opponent tonight. It would also put them right back in the fight or the AFC West title. So, what do the Broncos need to do to pull off the upset Monday? Here are three keys to a Broncos victory.

  1. Contain Alex Smith

I know this seems like an easy task. Especially, for one of the best defenses in the league. However, it is something many teams have struggled to do this season. Smith currently sits as the sixth best passer in the league. The No Fly Zone of the Denver Broncos secondary is going to have to shoot down the missiles that Smith will want to throw. If the Broncos do this properly, they should limit the big play potential of the Chiefs.

  1. Running Game

The Denver Broncos has failed in this area in the past couple of weeks. The Chiefs are a team that other teams have had success running on. This should play right into the mindset of the Broncos. Establishing a solid running game will only help the rest of the offense succeed. The key to an ailing offense is a solid ground game.

  1. Fast start

A fast start is imperative for the Denver Broncos Monday Night. They will need to get the loud crowd of Arrowhead Stadium quiet early. The closer that this game stays, the louder they will be. This will most certainly make it difficult for the Broncos to communicate. Furthermore, the Broncos have had enough trouble executing on the offensive side over the past couple of weeks. In short, if they cannot hear the signals and audibles will only make it that much worse.

Given these points, the Denver Broncos have the ability and the team to pull the upset off in Kansas City. However, it is going to take a near-perfect performance on offense to do so. Additionally, this Broncos defense will need to step up their game.

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