WWE: Does the Company have Big Plans for Ricochet?

The best-kept secret, Ricochet (Prince Puma) is heading for the WWE. After months of speculation, the American-born wrestling dynamo has his sights set on the biggest stage of them all. And while nothing is confirmed, it’s almost a lock he signs with the company once his eligible. So, what does WWE do with the talented star upon his arrival?

Ricochet is a wrestler that won’t need much seasoning in WWE. Like A.J. Styles, he’s gained quite a following on the indie scene. This would mean that a main roster call-up would be his first step, and NXT might be skipped altogether. That’s probably not the wisest idea though, as Ricochet could become even more over with the WWE Universe on NXT.

The type of match that NXT has, and the way the talent department books it, is a direct sign of Triple H. Unlike the main roster, Trips has full control of NXT. Putting Ricochet at that level might give him the ability to work his style of wrestling a bit more, as NXT is more friendly to indie-style wrestling. The main roster caters more to the casual fan, and some might not appreciate the style and art of Ricochet’s ability.

Just imagine what a guy like Ricochet could do on NXT. Putting him in feuds with Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Eric Young, all of these indie wrestling darlings, who, given the right opponent, can wrestle a 5-star match. That’s just something Richochet has grown accustomed to.

Over the years, the talented wrestler has put on many instant classic matches. Whether it be against Will Ospreay, Johnny Impact, or Pentagon, Ricochet is oozing with talent. And that’s why WWE would be so grateful to have him. Not only will he light up NXT during his time there, but a main roster call-up to 205 Live would do wonders for the division as well.

Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, as Ricochet will probably spend some time at NXT. But given his in-ring ability, that should not have too long of a stay. He’s arguably the best indie wrestler in the world at this point. Workers like him don’t come around often, WWE realizes that and should do whatever they can to keep him at main event status.

Hypothetically, Vince McMahon gives him a shot on the main roster at some point in the next year. A.J. Styles, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, any of these wrestlers are all dream matchups for the WWE. And while Ricochet might translate better to 205 Live, he’s got main event potential.

It’s obvious the interest is on both sides. If Ricochet does sign with WWE, it’s arguably the biggest free agent signing since A.J. Styles. He has a worldwide along with a following of loyal fans. It’s about time the high-flying superstar made his way to the WWE. Let’s hope our dreams become a reality.

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