New York Yankees did the right thing by letting Joe Girardi go

The New York Yankees are looking for a new manager after deciding not to bring back Joe Girardi on Thursday.

The Yanks went all the way to the ALCS, where they lost in seven games to the Astros.

New York made the right decision by choosing not to renew Girardi’s contract.

Despite exceeding expectations for this season, the Yankees missed the playoffs three of the previous four seasons. That lone playoff appearance was in 2015 where they lost in the AL Wild Card round.

At times Girardi’s managing skills were a question. If it wasn’t for him having a lot of talented players in his clubhouse, you have to wonder how many games he would have won as a manager.

With the Yanks having young players like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez it was time for them to start thinking about how they want the next era of Yankees baseball to look like.

New York needs a younger manager in the clubhouse for years to come as they continue to grow and be playoff contenders on a consistent basis.

As an outsider to the organization, it appeared as though Girardi got worn down by the stressful situations that came with being the Yanks’ skipper.

It’s also not a bad idea to look at younger candidates for the position because they tend to come at a cheaper price.

Even with the Yanks having a ton of success in 2017, they still have to look at the complete picture of Girardi’s time as manager. He knows the game, but the results weren’t always there and it was tough for them to beat Boston. Since 2013, the Yanks own a 48-47 record versus their arch-rivals. Last year and this year combined, the Yankees went 79-73 against teams in their division, so it’s a possibility these marks played a part in the Girardi decision.

However, one thing is certain. There aren’t many managerial candidates that have been managers before, so the New York Yankees must take their time in deciding their next leader.

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