Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, and WTF against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Redskins had one thing on their mind Monday Night against the Philadelphia Eagles. Win and we are major players in the NFC East. Lose, and we now have to battle or a wild-card spot. Yes, it is only week 8, but the Eagles are now, in a sense, three games up on the Redskins for the NFC East. We must move on. However, we first take a look at the Good, the Bad, and the WTF from Monday Night against the Eagles.

The Good

Kirk Cousins

Once again, he has proven his need as the franchise QB of the Washington Redskins. If not for his arm last night, the Redskins would not have been in this game at all. His final stat line was 30-40 for 303 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. That is a 75% completion rate. He made some solid throws in the face of pressure all night. Cousins even used his legs again. That is something that he has become more equipped at doing this season. Kirk Cousins is a true leader of this franchise and the front office needs to see that.

Zach Brown

Brown has been the best signing of the offseason. Last night he has 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Once again leading the team. He is also second in the league in tackles. His leadership and speed on the defense have been outstanding. This type of leadership is what the Redskins needed on defense. Re-signing him in the offseason needs to be second priority to Cousins.

The Bad

The Receivers

Aside from TEs Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed, the receiving group of the Washington Redskins was nonexistent. Dropped passes, routes short of first downs, and incomplete routes are becoming all too common. This group may need a welcome to NFL talk. If that does not work then it may be time to give some others a chance who just might have a better effect.

The Return Game

The Redskins drafted Jamison Crowder to help this part of the Special Teams out. He has not been as advertised. Maybe it is time to look at someone else on punt returns. I know that they use RB Chris Thompson on kickoffs. However, he does have experience returning punts as well. His slipperiness and dynamic vision in the run and screen game may give him an advantage in the return game as well.


Front Office

I know that this is not game related but it is about time they make the list. Their lack of spending money needs to stop. I am not talking about the former big splashes that Dan Snyder used to make. I am speaking more of keeping their own. Kirk Cousins and Pierre Garcon are just examples. The dragging of the feet on a long-term deal for Cousins is ludicrous. Not keeping a playmaker like Garcon is heinous. Especially with the youth that the team has at that position. They really need to make better moves to keep our own intact. That is how you build a winner.

Play Calling

Head Coach Jay Gruden has fallen into a funk over the last couple of weeks. There were three plays last night that signified that funk. They all took place in the first half. The Washington Redskins had a 3rd and 1, a 3rd and 2, and another 3rd and 1 on drives in the first half. All of which Gruden decided to run passing plays. I understand the Eagles pass defense was one of the worst in the NFL. Nonetheless, with the receivers that you have on the team, passing in these situations may not good mojo. That offensive line at the time was healthy. Getting one yard, even against the Eagles run defense would have been possible. Jay Gruden needs to recommit to the run, even against poor pass defending teams.

Even at three losses, the Washington Redskins are not out of the playoff race at all. They have a crucial stretch in their schedule in which their next four games are playoff contenders. Week 8 vs the Dallas Cowboys, Week 9 at the Seattle Seahawks, week 10 vs the Minnesota Vikings, and Week 11 at the New Orleans Saints. Coming out of this stretch at 3-1 is ideal. It is up to the team to answer the bell.

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